sábado, 21 de dezembro de 2013

Nights before christmas

This is the period before christmas and it's kinda weird for me, spending it without my family and the normal traditions and foods that I so love.

The big familly dinner and exchange of presents will have as a substitute, something incertain. It's something that has been a part of my life in the last 6months, uncertantly, more that ever in my life and it is kinda creeping me out.

I don't know how to mesure it nor how to cope with all of it, I gess I've been just ignoring the problem so far until this point. It has been the most weird 6months in my life, doing something that was kinda in my wildest plans, but never thinking of doing it. Sometimes I still wake up and think, did I really moved to this new strange country with all its traditions and people?

A lot of times I fell frustrated, I wake up thinking, why do I am really doing in here? Is this experience helping me? Am I doing anything relevant? What's the point of all of this hours? All of this investment of my side or my parents in this? Is it going to be helpfull in the future?

Other days I fell with an energy that I identify myself with, when I fell that I'm capable of doing whatever and have the strength to face the world by myself to achieve something. Those days seem to come less and less in the past months, but my personality keeps on pushing thougth those clouds of incertenty of selfdoubt and stupidity. Today is a good day to be a perfect day, i hope :P

domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012


that leading guy over there is completly astonished by the way that things torn out to be in this place. So cold so dirty, his place in the food chain is increasely being lowered and lowered.. The place of the lettuces is becoming a threat for him.

He's being conored by that big spotted tiger. that carnivorous knows the exact moves to make his heart skip a beat. Going in front is always his duty and being the first to face adversity also is. So with his chin up high he starts the race...

O quinto Império

Triste de quem vive em casa,
Contente com o seu lar,
Sem que um sonho, no erguer de asa,
Faça até mais rubra a brasa
Da lareira a abandonar!

Triste de quem é feliz!
Vive porque a vida dura.
Nada na alma lhe diz
Mais que a lição da raiz-
Ter por vida a sepultura.

Eras sobre eras se somem
No tempo que em eras vem.
Ser descontente é ser homem.
Que as forças cegas se domem
Pela visão que a alma tem!

E assim, passados os quatro
Tempos do ser que sonhou,
A terra será theatro
Do dia claro, que no atro
Da erma noite começou.

Grecia, Roma, Cristandade,
Europa- os quatro se vão
Para onde vae toda edade.
Quem vem viver a verdade
Que morreu Dom Sebastião?

Working the mines

How can one start the project for a new mine, when it feels that the mine where he's working right now it's staring to collapse? Almost all his miners working there don't give a damm about the structure and all those pillar that they've been working on.. You feel that support is being taking out of the stupid hole in the ground.

The top of the mine is ready to collapse, will you just stand there and watch it fall? It's really unpleasant to say the least. When will one get sick of saying "I told you so..", "You should put more effort into it"? Sometimes, you just have to let one part of the mine collapse so that you can save the whole structure. But the biggest question in my mind is.. Which to pick?

This geologist needs to racionalise the crude facts in front of his mind and plan the solution as he learned, in spite of everything that his heart says. Get out of the way, the scientist is in the HOUSE!